Sixteen Stages–Dependent Origination Part 2

Topics Include: 1) Understanding Dependent Origination as the foundation for the First Noble Truth, the truth of suffering. 2) Review of the twelve steps of Dependent Origination: the three parts, the formation of karma, the nature of experience, and the development of suffering. 3) Review of the first phase: the formation of karma. 4) The process of experience itself: The six sense doors, Contact, and Feeling. 5) The beginning of suffering: Craving, Clinging, Becoming, Birth, Old Age and Death. 6) The crucial link between feeling and craving: experiencing feelings without craving or clinging. 7) Understanding Dependent Origination operates in our lives in terms of the life decisions we make for ourselves. 8) Living a life of balance between conventional and absolute reality.
67 min.

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