If you’ve been wanting to volunteer, the temple needs the following volunteers.

1. Volunteer Coordinator

2. Events/Program Coordinator

3. Cleaning

The temple needs volunteers to clean the temple daily.

If you would like to clean once a week or more, please contact Grace:


Currently the temple is raising funds to start a Senior Care Home.

All donations to the temple are tax deductable.

Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Mu Ryang Sa Temple Palolo Senior Care Home will start construction later this Fall.  The Care Home will accommodate up to 60 residents and intended completion date is January 2013.

The Temple Stay program can accommodate those wishing to experience the daily schedule of a monk or to simply enjoy one’s stay in the beautiful and peaceful setting of the temple. Individuals, couples, families, or small groups are welcome. A traditional Korean breakfast is included at temple meal hours. $40/day.

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