Audio Dharma Talks

Gregory Pai, Ph.D. Gregory Pai, Ph.D.

Audio Dharma Talks started in 2012.  There are hundreds of titles with the current ones at the top.  If you’re new to the Sangha, a good place to begin is the foundational series: The Four Noble Truths. However, you are invited to explore on your own.

Click on the blue titles to read the topics covered in the Dharma talk. Click on the “Download” button to download to your device.


  1. Life of the Buddha. 04/01/2023.  Download
  2. Life of the Buddha 2. 04/08/2023.  Download
  3. Life of the Buddha 3   04/15/2023.  Download
  4. Life of the Buddha 4   04/22/2023.  Download
  5. Life of the Buddha 5   04/29/2023   Download
  6. Life of the Buddha 6   05/06/2023   Download
  7. Life of the Buddha 7  05/13/2023   Download
  8. Life of the Buddha 8  05/20/2023   Download
  9. Life of the Buddha 9  05/27/2023   Download
  10. Life of the Buddha 10  06/03/2023  Download
  11. Life of the Buddha 11  06/10/2023  Download
  12. Life of the Buddha 12  06/17/2023  Download
  13. Life of the Buddha 13  07/01/2023  Download
  14. Life of the Buddha 14  07/08/2023  Download
  15. Life of the Buddha 15  09/09,2023  Download
  16. Life of the Buddha 16  09/30/2023  Download
  17. Life of the Buddha 17  10/07/2023  Download
  18. Life of the Buddha 18  10/14/2023  Download
  19. Life of the Buddha 19  11/04/2023  Download
  20. Life of the Buddha 20  11/11/2023  Download
  21. Life of the Buddha 21  11/18/2023  Download
  22. Life of the Buddha 22  11/25/2023  Download
  23. Life of the Buddha 23  12/02/2023  Download
  24. Life of the Buddha 24  12/09/2023  Download


1.  Part One   07/30/2023  Download

2.  Part Two   08/05/2023  Download

3.  Part Three  08/12/2023  Download

4.  Part Four  08/19/2023  Download

5.  Part Five  08/28/2023  Download

6   Part Six  09/02/2023  Download


  1. Part One.  03/11/2023. Download
  2. Part Two  03/18/2023. Download
  3. Part Three 03/25/2023. Download


  1. Confidence. 07/23/2022.   Download
  2. Mindfulness.  07/30/2022. Download
  3. Shame and Fear of Committing Harm. 08/06/2022. Download
  4. Non-Greed and Non-Hatred. 08/13/2022.  Download
  5. Mental Composure and Buoyancy.   08/20/2022. Download
  6. Pliancy and Efficiency of Mind.  08/27/2022.  Download
  7. Proficiency of Mind.  09/03/2022.  Download
  8. Rectitude of Mind.  09/10/2022.  Download
  9. Right Speech.    09/17/2022.   Download
  10. Right Speech Part 2.  09/24/2022.  Download
  11. Right Action   10/08/2022.   Download
  12. Right Action Part 2.  10/15/2022.  Download
  13. Right Livelihood.  10/22/2022.   Download
  14. Right Livelihood Part 2. 10/29/2022.  Download
  15. Right Livelihood Part 3.  11/05/2022.  Download
  16. Compassion.  11/12/2022  Download
  17. Compassion Part 2.  11/19/2022. Download
  18. Sympathetic Joy  12/10/2022   Download
  19. Metta or Lovingkindness. 12/24/2022.  Download
  20. Equanimity  12/30/2022.  Download
  21. Equanimity Part 2. 1/14/2023   Download
  22. Equanimity Part 3. 1/21/2023. Download
  23. Equanimity Part 4. 1/28/2023.  Download
  24. Equanimity Part 5  02/11/2023.  Download
  25. Wisdom       02/18/2023.     Download
  26. Wisdom Part 2. 02/25/2023. Download
  27. Wisdom Part 3. 03/04/2023. Download

Reflections on the Practice by Sangha Members

  1. Don Radcliff and Joan Shigemoto  06/25/2022   Download
  2. Margy Hamai and Trey Fenton  07/02/2022.  Download
  3. Quynh Nguyen and Harry Palmer   07/09/2022. Download
  4. Niki Miller and Amanda Rothschild. 07/16/2022. Download


  1. Part 1–Legacy and Lineage  05/28/2022. Download
  2. Bare Attention   06/04/2022. Download
  3. Shaping the Mind   06/11/2022   Download
  4. Freeing the Mind 06/18/2022.  Download

2022 Dharma Talks That Are Not Part of a Series

  1. Abortion.  05/21/2022  Download
  2. Loneliness, Karma, and Awakening  07/22/2023  Download
  3. Why We Meditate  09/24/2023  Download



  1. Stage 1–Nama Rupa: Mind and Body  12/18/2021. Download
  2. Stage 2–Knowledge of Cause and Effect  01/08/2022.  Download
  3. Stage 2–Law of Karma   01/15/2022.  Download
  4. Stage 2–Karma, Self and Non Self.  01/22/2022. Download
  5. Stage 2–Dependent Origination.   01/29/2022.  Download
  6. Stage 2–Dependent Origination Part 2.  02/05/2022.   Download
  7. Stage 3 –Three Characteristics.  02/12/2022.   Download
  8. Stage 3B–Impermanence, Suffering, and Non-Self.   02/19/2022.  Download
  9. Stage 4–Rising and Falling.  02/26/2022.  Download
  10. Stage 4–Rising and Falling 2. 03/05/2022. Download
  11. Stage 4c-Rising and Falling 3.  03/12/2022. Download
  12. Stage 5–Knowledge of Passing Away  03/19/2022. Download
  13. Stage 5b–Passing Away 2.  03/26/2022.  Download
  14. Stage 6–Fear and Misery. 04/02/2022.  Download
  15. Stage 6–Fear and Misery 2.  04/09/2022   Download
  16. Stage 11–Equanimity.  04/16/2022. Download
  17. Stage 12–Path and Fruition. 04/23/2022. Download
  18. Stage 12b–Cessation.  04/30/2022. Download
  19. Stage 12c–Awakening  05/07/2022.  Download
  20. Stage 13–Retrospection   05/14/2022. Download



  1. Enduring the Covid 19 Pandemic   05/02/2020   Download
  2. Sharing Our Experiences in the Pandemic   05/09/2020   Download
  3. 70,000 Deaths of Despair05/16/2020   Download
  4. The Power of Liminal Space   05/30/2020  Download
  5. Finding Endurance and the Problem of Systemic Racism 06/06/2020   Download
  6. White Privilege 06/13/2020  Download
  7. Conditioning and Implicit Bias 06/20/2020.   Download
  8. Meditation and Implicit Bias06/27/2020   Download
  9. Racism and the Dharma.   03/27/2021.   Download
  10. Can A Person Who Is Evil Be Transformed In This Lifetime?   05/01/2021.  Download
  11. Conventional and Absolute Reality and Our Relationship to the Material World05/08/2021. Download


First Noble Truth


  1. Defining Suffering (Dukkha).    07/06/2019.   Download
  2. Understanding Dukkha 07/13/2019.    Download
  3. Dukkha and Compassion   07/20/2019    Download

Second Noble Truth

  1. Origin of Dukkha 08/03/2019.   Download
  2. The Cause of Suffering 08/10/2019.   Download
  3. Suffering and Dependent Origination 08/17/2019.   Download
  4. Drawbacks of Pleasure   08/24/2019.   Download
  5. Understanding Pleasant Feelings.   08/31/2019  Download
  6. Wise Relationship to the World09/07/2019   Download
  7. Craving for Life 09/14/2019Download
  8. Who Is It That Dies?   09/21/2019.   Download.  
  9. Craving for Existence10/05/2019.   Download

Third Noble Truth

  1. End of Craving10/12/2019   Download 
  2. Seeing Impermanence 10/19/2019.  Download
  3. Sixteen Stages of Awakening  10/26/2019   Download
  4. Nibbana11/09/2019  Download
  5. Cessation11/16/2019  Download
  6. Awakened Mind11/23/2019  Download

Fourth Noble Truth

  1. Right Understanding01/11/2020  Download
  2. Right Understanding–Karma01/25/2020  Download
  3. Right Understanding–Living Karma02/01/2020  Download
  4. Right Understanding–Mundane and Supramundane Right View 02/08/2020  Download
  5. Reincarnation. 02/22/2020   Download
  6. Mother and Father 02/29/2020  Download
  7. Wisdom   03/07/2020   Download
  8. Supramudane Wisdom   03/14/2020.  Download
  9. Right Understanding–Law of Karma   07/07/2020    Download
  10. Rebirth, Mother and Father  07/12/2020   Download
  11. Wise Brahmins   07/19/2020   Download
  12. Supramundane Wisdom Part 2  07/25/2020  Download
  13. Cognitive Dissonance  08/01/2020   Download
  14. Conventional and Absolute Reality   08/08/2020  Download
  15. The Power of Delusion  08/15/2020   Download
  16. Integrating Conventional and Absolute Reality.   08/22/2020.  Download
  17. The Delusion of Our Narrative Self   08/27/2020.   Download
  18. Experiencing Non-Self.   09/05/2020.  Download
  19. Right Thought.  09/12/2020    Download
  20. Right Intention. 09/19/2020Download
  21. Overcoming Addictions.   09/26/2020.  Download
  22. Overcoming Aversion.  10/03/2020  Download
  23. Confronting Evil  10/10/2020   Download
  24. Understanding Metta.  10/17/2020    Download.
  25. Living Metta.  10/24/2020    Download
  26. Bringing Metta Into Our Lives.    10/31/2020.  Download
  27. Desire, the Near Enemy  11/07/2020    Download
  28. Practicing Metta.  11/14/2020     Download
  29. Metta and Gratitude 11/21/2020Download
  30. Understanding Compassion.  12/05/2020  Download
  31. Practicing Compassion.   12/12/2020.  Download
  32. The Legacy of Compassion.   12/19/2020.  Download
  33. The Significance of Right Speech12/26/2020  Download 
  34. Truth and Right Speech. 01/09/2021  Download
  35. Understanding Wrong Speech. 01/16/2021  Download
  36. Practicing Right Speech.  01/23/2021  Download
  37. Slanderous Speech. 01/30/2021  Download
  38. Harsh Speech.  02/06/2021   Download
  39. Frivolous Speech.  02/13/2021   Download
  40. Right Action.  02/20/2021   Download
  41. Non-Killing02/27/2021  Download
  42. Killing and Karma  03/06/2021   Download
  43. Karmas as a Moral Order03/13/21.  Download
  44. Karma and Divinity.  03/20/2021.   Download
  45. Learning Not To Kill  04/03/2021.    Download
  46. Not Stealing   04/10/2021.         Download
  47. Sexual Misconduct.  04/24/2021.   Download
  48. Right Livelihood.    05/15/2021.    Download
  49. Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration    05/22/2021.    Download
  50. Unwholesome Emotions and Dependent Origination. 05/29/2021.  Download
  51. Unarisen Unwholesome Emotions.   06/05/2021.  Download
  52. Arisen Unwholesome Emotions.   06/19/2021.     Download
  53. Preventing Arisen Unwholesome Emotions.     06/26/2021.  Download
  54. Right Mindfulness.   07/10/2021.   Download
  55. Understanding Mindfulness.  07/17/21Download
  56. Mindfulness of the Breath.   07/24/21.   Download
  57. Mindfulness of the Body.  07/31/2021.  Download
  58. Illusion and Reality of the Body08/21/2021.  Download
  59. Mindfulness of Feelings. 08/28/2021.  Download
  60. Mindfulness of Mental Formations.  09/04/2021.  Download
  61. Right Concentration09/11/2021. Download
  62. Objects of Concentration.  09/18/2021.  Download
  63. Jhanic Factors.   09/25/2021.   Download
  64. Jhanic Stages 10/02/2021.  Download
  65. Defining Wisdom.  10/09/2021. Download
  66. Understanding Samatha  10/16/2021.  Download
  67. The Wisdom of Non-Self.  10/23/2021. Download
  68. Understanding and Awakening.  11/06/2021.  Download
  69. The Unconditioned.  11/13/2021.  Download
  70. Stages of Awakening. 11-27-2021.  Download
  71. Parameters of Awakening. 12/04/2021. Download


Christmas 2021 message: The Miracle of Incarnation.  December 25, 2021.    Download

Hope  November 20, 2021.  Download

The Essential Wisdom of the Dharma.  October 31, 2021.   Download

Illusion and Reality.     August 14, 2021.  Download

Mindfulness and Flow.  August 7, 2021.  Download

Understanding Karma, Self and Nonself and Conventional and Absolute Reality   April 10, 2021   Download

Concept of Perfection in Our Lives. Nov. 2020.   Download

Self and Nonself–Agency, Love and Compassion  Jan. 2020

Our Greatest Fear–The Truth of Self and Non-self  Jan. 2020

Working with Overwhelming Emotions Jan. 2018

Karma, Samsara and Anatta: Distinguishing Between Conventional and Absolute Reality Nov. 2017

Understanding Donald Trump from a Dharma Perspective. Nov. 2016

Experiencing the Beauty of Joy and the Joy of Beauty in the Meditation ProcessApril 2016

Understanding Afflictive Emotions and Suffering–A Dialogue  Feb. 2015

Mindfulness and Personal Transformation–The levels of personal behavioral transformation Feb. 2014

The Fundamentals of Vipassana MeditationMaking the practice your own.  Sept. 2013

The Buddha on PBSComments on the documentary about the Buddha’s life and teachings.  Aug. 2013

The Law of KarmaOne of the fundamental laws of the universe. Aug. 2013

The Power of MindfulnessA different kind of joy.  Sept. 2013

Some Comments on BreathingA short talk on the importance of the breath during meditation. Aug. 2013

The Relationship Between Christian Prayer and Buddhist MeditationA historical perspective on the evolution of mindfulness meditation. July 2013

Finding Freedom in our Afflictive EmotionsAccessing our subconsciousness, experiencing our emotions and attaining insight. June 2013

The Healing of the EgoHow we can see the world in a different way. Nov. 2013

Anatta and the Power of BodhicittaEnlightenment as a disappointment to the ego Nov. 2013

Understanding the Unfolding of Karma Through Mindfulness- the Wisdom Path How mindfulness allows us to see the process of cause and effect   unfolding in our lives leading to deeper understanding, wisdom, and compassion Jan. 2013

The Concept of Anatta- Who Is Aware Of My Self If There Is No Self? What is the nature of ego in the conventional sense and what is the meaning of  non-self in Buddhism? Jan. 2013

Meditation Is Not Mind ControlIs meditation about “mind control”?  What is the purpose of meditation? Jan. 2013

What You Can Expect When You MeditateWhat are the benefits and pitfalls of the meditative path? Jan. 2013

What Remains When We Die?  Feb. 2013

Mindfulness Practice- Working with Negative Emotions and ThoughtsEncountering negative emotions in meditation is actually a good thing Feb. 2013



Foundation Concepts

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of Important Terms
  3. Importance of Spiritual Urgency
  4. Understanding Impermanence and Change
  5. Clear Comprehension and Reflections on Mindfulness
  6. Mindfulness and Bare Attention
  7. Review of the Concept of Mindfulness
  8. Finding Joy in Meditation
  9. Developing Samadhi
  10. Tools for Developing Samadhi
  11. Understanding Nibbana (Nirvana)
  12. Understanding the Difference Between Conceptual and Experiential Knowledge
  13. Understanding Self and Other
  14. Impermanence and Nonself
  15. Impermanence and Spiritual Liberation
  16. Impermanence and the Sixteen Stages of Awakening
  17. Content and Process in Meditation and the Law of Impermanence
  18. Four Levels of Awakening and the Ten Fetters
  19. Lay Perspective on the Enlightenment Process
  20. Understanding Stream Entry from a Lay Perspective
  21. Bare Knowing
  22. Bare Knowing and Continuous Mindfulness
  23. The Separation of the Knowing from the Known
  24. Perception, Language and Cognition
  25. The Process of Noting in Meditation
  26. Perception and Noting, Concept and Reality in Meditation
  27. Importance of Sustained Focused Awareness in Meditation
  28. Understanding Gratitude in Terms of the Truth, Beauty, and Joy of our Everyday Lives
  29. Finding the Balance of Mind and Heart in the Spiritual Journey
  30. Understanding Craving and Clinging
  31. Craving and Clinging in a World of Conditioned and Unconditioned Reality
  32. Craving and Clinging in Our Daily Lives
  33. Reflections on Buddha Nature and the Craving for Sensual Pleasures
  34. The Craving for Continued Existence
  35. The Craving for Existence–Dependent Origination and Absolute Reality
  36. The Craving for Non-Existence–Self and Non-self
  37. The Dream of Self
  38. The Cosmic Dance of Shiva–Illusion and Reality, Self and Non-Self


Mindfulness of the Body

  1. Mindfulness of the Body
  2. Mindfulness of the Body–Posture
  3. Mindfulness of the Body–Breath
  4. Mindfulness of Breathing Part 2
  5. Mindfulness of Breathing Part 3
  6. Mindfulness of Posture
  7. Mindfulness of Posture–The Process Nature of Reality
  8. Mindfulness of Posture–Experiencing Pure Awareness
  9. Mindfulness of Posture–Understanding Flow and Nonself
  10. Mindfulness of Posture–The Three Characteristics of Existence
  11. Mindfulness of Posture–Bringing Enlightenment into Our Everyday Lives
  12. Mindfulness of Posture–Four Forms of Clear Comprehension
  13. Mindfulness of Posture–Contemplation of Body Parts
  14. Mindfulness of Posture–The Four Elements
  15. Mindfulness of Posture–Parts of the Body
  16. Conventional and Ultimate Reality
  17. Distinguishing Conventional and Ultimate Reality


Mindfulness of Feelings

  1. Mindfulness as a Feeling-Based Practice
  2. The Classical Teachings
  3. Recognizing Likes and Dislikes
  4. Sources of Our Likes and Dislikes
  5. Identification of Feelings and the Illusion of Self
  6. Finding Our Feelings
  7. Unworldly Feelings
  8. The 25 Beautiful Mindstates
  9. Cultivating Unworldly Feelings
  10. From Health and Wellness to Freedom From Suffering


Mindfulness of Thought

  1. Mindfulness of Consciousness
  2. Consciousness of Thought
  3. Consciousness of Meditative States
  4. Consciousness of Awakening
  5. Consciousness of Self and Other
  6. Consciousness of Reactivity
  7. Consciousness of Impermanence
  8. Impermanence and the Path of Awakening
  9. Impermanence and Bare Awareness


The Five Hindrances


  1. Introduction to the Five Hindrances
  2. Five Hindrances and Neuroplasticity
  3. Overcoming the Hindrances
  4. The Five Hindrances and Personal Transformation
  5. Aversion
  6. Physical Pain
  7. Emotional Pain
  8. Understanding Aversion
  9. Working with Emotional Pain
  10. Wise Reflection
  11. Loving Kindness
  12. Sloth and Torpor
  13. Arising of Sloth and Torpor
  14. Working with Sloth and Torpor
  15. Wise Reflections
  16. Restlessness and Worry
  17. Causes of Restlessness and Worry
  18. Understanding Thoughts
  19. Causes of Agitated Thoughts
  20. Working with Restlessness
  21. Understanding Dhammas
  22. Skepticism and Doubt
  23. Working with Doubt
  24. Antidote to Doubt–the Benefits of Meditation
  25. Overcoming Doubt



  1. Introduction to the Five Aggregates
  2. Physical Form
  3. Feelings
  4. Perception
  5. Perception–Gateway to Nibbana
  6. Perception and Illusion
  7. Perception and Identity
  8. Mental Formations
  9. Unwholesome Mental Factors
  10. Introduction to the Beautiful Mindstates
  11. Understanding the Beautiful Mindstates
  12. Mental Formations and Non-Self
  13. Volition as Karma
  14. Knowing Volition
  15. Consciousness
  16. Knowing Consciousness
  17. Understanding Anatta
  18. The Illusion of Self
  19. The Illusion of Form
  20. Identifying with Thoughts and Emotions
  21. If Not Self, Who Are We



  1. Introduction to Six Sense Spheres
  2. The Fire Sermon
  3. Dependent Origination Part 1
  4. Dependent Origination Part 2
  5. Practice
  6. Desire
  7. Perception
  8. Hallucination
  9. Hallucination Part 2
  10. Hallucination Part 3
  11. Hallucination Part 4
  12. Seeing Hallucinations
  13. The Power of Mindfulness to Overcome Hallucinations
  14. Compassion and Impermatence



  1. Introduction to Seven Factors of Awakening
  2. The Factor of Mindfulness
  3. Moral Shame and Moral Dread
  4. Not Seeing Reality
  5. Bare Awareness
  6. Clear Comprehension
  7. Investigation
  8. Forms of Investigation
  9. Investigating Skillful and Unskillful Means
  10. Investigating Emotions
  11. Nama Rupa
  12. The Power of Karma
  13. Energy
  14. Skillful Use of Energy
  15. Spiritual Urgency
  16. Our Spiritual Journey
  17. Reflections
  18. Rapture
  19. Jhanas
  20. Understanding Jhanas
  21. Limits of Jhanas
  22. Reflections
  23. Reflections Part 2
  24. Peace Reflection
  25. Summary of Emotional Regulation
  26. The Joy of Living a Moral Ethical Life
  27. Tranquillity
  28. How to Cultivate Tranquillity
  29. Understanding Tranquillity
  30. Concentration–the Jhanic States
  31. Two Forms of Concentration
  32. Jhanic States
  33. Developing Concentration
  34. Teachings on Concentration
  35. Foundations of Concentration
  36. Elements of Concentration
  37. Coming to Know the “Knower” of Our Experience
  38. What Are Thoughts
  39. Working with Thoughts
  40. Understanding Equanimity
  41. Eight Worldly Dharmas
  42. Four Brahmaviharas
  43. Role of Equanimity in the Sixteen Stages of Awakening
  44. Equanimity and the Paramis



  1. First Noble Truth:  The truth of suffering
  2. First Noble Truth, Part 2: The truth of suffering 
  3. Second Noble Truth: The cause of suffering
  4. Second Noble Truth, Part 2: The cause of suffering
  5. Second Noble Truth, Part 3: The cause of suffering
  6. Second Noble Truth, Part 4: The cause of suffering
  7. Third Noble Truth: The cessation of suffering
  8. Third Noble Truth, Part 2: The cessation of suffering
  9. Fourth Noble Truth: The Eightfold Noble Path
  10. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right View 1
  11. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right View 2
  12. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right View 3
  13. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right View 4
  14. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right View 5
  15. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Renunciation 1
  16. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Renunciation 2
  17. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Renunciation 3
  18. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Lovingkindness 1
  19. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Lovingkindness 2
  20. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Lovingkindness 3
  21. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Lovingkindness 4
  22. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Lovingkindness 5
  23. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Lovingkindness 6
  24. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Compassion 1
  25. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Compassion 2
  26. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Thought–Compassion 3
  27. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Speech Part 1
  28. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Speech Part 2
  29. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Speech Part 3
  30. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Action Part 1
  31. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Action Part 2
  32. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Action Part 3
  33. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Action–Sexual Misconduct
  34. Fourth Noble Truth:  Eightfold Noble Path: Right Livelihood
  35. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 1
  36. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 2
  37. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 3
  38. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 4
  39. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 5
  40. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 6
  41. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Effort Part 7
  42. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Mindfulness Part 1
  43. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Mindfulness Part 2
  44. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path:  Right Concentration Part 1
  45. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Concentration Part 2
  46. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Concentration Part 3
  47. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Concentration Part 4
  48. Fourth Noble Truth: Eightfold Noble Path: Right Concentration Part 5



  1. MindfulnessThe first factor to cultivate on the journey to spiritual awakening
  2. Mindfulness Part 2In-depth explanation of mindfulness
  3. InvestigationHow wisdom develops when we investigate our minds
  4. Investigation Part 2Understanding the motivations and intentions behind our actions
  5. Investigation Part 3The nature of the enlightened mind
  6. EnergyWhat animates the practice and powers the mind for wise use
  7. Energy Part 2–Reflections to cultivate energy
  8. RaptureWhat it is and how to feel it in meditation
  9. Rapture Part 2The transformative effects of rapture and bliss
  10. Rapture Part 3Reflections to evoke rapture
  11. TranquilityUnderstanding and managing calmness
  12. Tranquility Part 2Its role in seeing the changing nature of ultimate reality
  13. ConcentrationIts evolution from the time of the Buddha up to the development of the Mahasi lineage in the 20th Century
  14. Concentration Part 2–Leading to steadiness, ease, and steadfastness
  15. Concentration Part 3Finding the beautiful breath
  16. Concentration Part 4Understanding awareness of awareness itself
  17. EquanimityAn ecstatic embrace of reality as it is
  18. Equanimity Part 2The difference between Buddhist and western definition of equanimity
  19. Equanimity Part 3Sixteen stages of insight wisdom as taught by Mahasi Sawadaw
  20. Equanimity Part 4Bringing equanimity into our daily life



  1. The Five Aggregates of ClingingNonself and Nibbana
  2. The Five Aggregates of ClingingNonself Part 2
  3. The Five Aggregates of ClingingNonself Part 1
  4. The Five Aggregates of Clinging Part 2Impermanence and Suffering
  5. The Five Aggregates of ClingingUnderstanding Physical and Mental Phenomena


Original 2013

The following five talks are about the mental factors that disturb our meditation and obscure insight

  1. Sensual DesireThe first hindrance
  2. Ill WillThe second hindrance
  3. Sloth and Torpor-The third hindrance
  4. Restlessness and RemorseThe fourth hindrance
  5. DoubtThe fifth hindrance



The following series of talks concern ten qualities of mind that support and encourage us in our path to spiritual awakening.  They also represent qualities of mind that develop as we deepen in the practice and strengthen each other in a cumulative fashion.  They are commonly known as virtues or “paramis” and are:  Generosity, Morality, Renunciation, Wisdom, Energy, Patience, Truthfulness, Determination or Resolve, Lovingkindness and Compassion, and Equanimity.

  1. Introduction to Buddhist Virtues- Ten Paramis
  2. Buddhist Virtues-Generosity — The delusion of self and other
  3. Buddhist Virtues-Morality — Historical evolution of the concept of self and other
  4. Buddhist Virtues-Renunciation — Emancipation through awareness of suffering
  5. Buddhist Virtues-Wisdom Part 1 — Wisdom as content and wisdom as process
  6. Buddhist Virtues-Wisdom Part 2 —Wisdom at the conventional level and wisdom in terms of absolute reality
  7. Buddhist Virtues-Wisdom Part 3 — Non-self and the neural mechanics of “selfing”
  8. Buddhist Virtues-Wisdom Part 4 — The relationship between wisdom and meditation
  9. Buddhist Virtues-Wisdom Part 5The relationship between meditation and wisdom- The classical teachings
  10. Buddhist Virtues-Energy and Patience — Energy and patience and the attainment of enlightenment
  11. Buddhist Virtues-Truthfulness — The relation between meditation and seeing the truth of our lives
  12. Buddhist Virtues-Truthfulness Part 2 — Moving from conceptual wisdom to embodied knowledge
  13. Buddhist Virtues-Truthfulness Part 3 — The Two Truth Doctrine: The relation between conventional and absolute reality
  14. Buddhist Virtues-Truthfulness Part 4Embodying sacred reality in our everyday lives
  15. Buddhist Virtues-Resolve, Lovingkindness and CompassionWhat does it take to change my life?
  16. Buddhist Virtues-Lovingkindness and CompassionCultivation in everyday life
  17. Buddhist Virtues-EquanimityThe culmination of the virtues
  18. Buddhist Virtues-Equanimity: The classic Theravada presentation

Apathy, Cynicism, Hopelessness, and DespairFace to face with the decline and end of our lives, do we meet it with a wisdom born of experience-based knowledge or with faith and beliefs?  Feb. 2013


December 2012

This four-part series is focused on issues of faith and belief and their relationship to experience and knowledge.  These questions relate to our sense of personal agency and responsibility for our actions and are reflected in the historical evolution of Buddhist thought.  They are also reflected in our capacity to understand and accept recent developments in cognitive neuroscience.  

  1. Promise of Redemption vs. Power of Mindfulness Part 1
  2. Promise of Redemption vs. Power of Mindfulness Part 2
  3. Promise of Redemption vs. Power of Mindfulness Part 3
  4. Promise of Redemption vs. Power of Mindfulness Part 4


November 2012

The question is:  How can I realize my full potential as a human being if the Buddha teaches that there is no self?  The answer delves into the understanding of karma and the Buddhist concept of non-self.  

  1. Dependent Origination and Anatta-Who’s Living My Life Part 1
  2. Dependent Origination and Anatta-Who’s Living My Life Part 2
  3. Dependent Origination and Anatta-Who’s Living My Life Part 3
  4. Dependent Origination and Anatta-Who’s Living My Life Part 4


February 2012

How can meditation help us to realize our fullest potential as human beings?  This series examines concepts of self fulfillment and actualization from western psychological perspectives and  Buddhist teachings.  It emphasizes the importance of integrating our conscious and sub-conscious minds through the process of mindfulness and, in doing so, accessing the full range of our potential as human beings.

  1. Empowerment: The Process of Self Actualization from Buddhist and Western Perspectives Part 1
  2. Empowerment: The Process of Self Actualization from Buddhist and Western Perspectives Part 2
  3. Empowerment: The Process of Self Actualization from Buddhist and Western Perspectives Part 3
  4. Empowerment: The Process of Self Actualization from Buddhist and Western Perspectives Part 4