Sixteen Stages 6b–Fear and Misery 2

Topics Include: 1) Summary of the three phases of the sixteen stages: Discovery, the Dark Night of the Soul, and Path and Fruition Consciousness. 2) The Dark Night of the Soul: Knowledge of Fear, Disgust or Misery, Weariness, Desire for Deliverance, and Knowledge of Reconciliation. 3) Review of the stage of knowledge of Passing Away: the illusions of compactness and continuity and their relationship to absolute and conventional reality. 4) The writings of Sayadaw U Jotika: seeing the constant arising and passing away as dangerous…moving to a state of disenchantment. 5) Seeing impermanence itself as suffering, in terms of the negative mindstates, as a result of your resistance to the truth of impermanence. 6) Coming to a true acceptance of impermanence as the gateway to final awakening. 7) Question on the danger of being caught up in the dark night of the soul.
April 9, 2022
61 min.

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