Sixteen Stages–Impermanence, Suffering, NonSelf

Topics Include: 1) Review of the Mahasi teaching of the three characteristics. 2) Sayadaw U Jotika: Seeing the cascade of impermanent thought moments, slowing experience down through intense concentration: the illusion of continuity. 3) Understanding our experience as pure natural phenomena, not abstract concepts. 4) Seeing the qualities of impermanence, causality, and impersonality. 5) Seeing impersonality in our complete lack of control over what happens in the mind or body. 6) Comprehension by direct experience and comprehension by inference. 7) Attaining mental health by clear comprehension. 8) Understanding ourselves as psycho-physical processes. 9) Why we suffer as a result of our identification with our experience.
February 19, 2022
47 min.

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