Sixteen Stages 13 Retrospection

Topics Include: 1) Review of the Sixteen Stages of Awakening: A) The Stages of Discovery: Insight into Mind and Body, Cause and Effect, The Three Characteristics, Rise and Fall; B) The Stages of The Dark Night of the Soul: Insight into Passing Away, Fear, Disgust and Misery, Weariness, and Desire for Deliverance; C) The Stages of Path and Fruition Consciousness: Knowledge of Reconciliation; Equanimity, Adaptation, Maturity, Path Consciousness, Fruition Consciousness and Retrospection. 2) Reviewing the process of Retrospection: the writings of Mahasi Sayadaw: Realizing that Nibbana has occurred. 3) Repetition of the cycle further to higher levels of Path and Fruition Consciousness: the higher levels of awakening to the second, third and fourth levels. 4) How going through the sixteen stages is not so much a matter of achievement as it is about how we have changed as people in our behavior: the overcoming of the ten fetters.
May 14, 2022
48 min.

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