Third Noble Truth–Seeing Impermanence

Topics Include: 1) Finding the end of craving by seeing our experience with true mindfulness: the difference between being in delusion and suffering and being in awakening and liberation. 2) Recognizing our capacity for fundamental awareness. 3) Coming to terms with impermanence and uncontrollability in our experience. 4) Seeing impermanence at the very macro and very micro levels. 5) Seeing impermanence through the lens of mindfulness. 6) Feeling exhilaration at seeing the importance of phenomena. 7) Experiencing fear and despair at the dissolution and uncontrollability of phenomena. 8) Maintaining a sense of balance through this process and arriving at a place of profound equanimity. 9) Question on the nature of self and its relationship to the concept of non-self.
Honolulu, Hawaii
October 19, 2019
56 min

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