Seven Factors of Awakening–Nama Rupa

Topics Include: 1) Introduction to the seven factors of awakening. 2) the five areas for spiritual investigation: our mental landscape, the power of intention, emotions, karma or cause and effect, and the awakened mind itself. 3) Using the mind to investigate skillful and unskillful actions and afflictive emotions. 4) Investigating personality structures: the greed type, the aversive type, the delusory type. 5) the underlying theme of self and non self through how we identify with our thoughts and emotions. 6) Understanding mind and body, or nama rupa. 7) Understanding “self” as a linguistic construct, an artifact of grammar. 8) The illusion of form, language, and the construction of the ego.
Honolulu, Hawaii
September 1, 2018
53 minutes

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