Seven Factors of Awakening–Equanimity and the Paramis

Topics Include: 1) The importance of equanimity in the spiritual process. 2) Equanimity as a factor in the stages of insight: the resolution of the joyous states of discovery and understanding and the darks states of transience and impermanence…a perfect balance of mind with no reactivity. 3) Equanimity as the last of the ten praxis or virtues: generosity, morality, renunciation, wisdom, diligence, patience, truthfulness, resolve, lovingkindness and equanimity. 4) The primary importance of equanimity and patience. 5) Developing and strengthening equanimity in our practice…seeing a cup as already broken, not being attached to the fruits of our actions, the practice of acceptance.
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 29, 2019
53 minutes

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