Fourth Noble Truth–Wisdom

Topics Include: 1) Review of mundane right view: the concepts of karma, reincarnation, planes of existence, mother and father. 2) Understanding the karmic universe of which we are a part. 3) Understanding wise and virtuous beings in the world. Opening to the presence of wise people in our lives. 4) Seeing the possibilities in opening to an acceptance of mundane right view in our lives. 5) Visualizing our life stream within the context of the samsaric universe. 6) Understanding supra mundane right view: the elimination of craving. Appreciating the quality and function of wisdom in our own minds so we can know and understand things clearly. 7) Addressing the objective content of wisdom: Understanding the root cause of craving: the sense of self and the five aggregates.
Honolulu, Hawaii
March 7, 2020
54 min.

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