Five Aggregates–The Illusion of Self

Topics Include: 1) The basic logic underlying the concept of non-self. 2) How we create a sense of self through our experiences. 3) Two basic questions: 1) How do we fall into the delusion of a tangible self; 2) If I am not a self, what am I? 4) The five characteristics of delusion: form, language, thought, conditioning, and ego. 5) The illusion of Form: the fallacy of misplaced perception. 6) Language: seeing reality as a system of abstract symbolic concepts. 7) Thoughts: the internalization of language in our minds. 8) Conditioning: how we are all programmed to see the world. 9) Ego: the culmination and internalization of all our thoughts and conditioning.
Honolulu, Hawaii
December 9, 2017
40 minutes

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