Eightfold Noble Path–The Delusion of our Narrative Self

Topics Include: 1) The relationship between conventional and absolute reality and the concept of self and non-self. 2) Opening to dream like states of unconditional love and kindness in our daily lives….Opening to to the beauty of our “Buddha Nature” and integrating it into our everyday lives. 3) The power of habit energy and how it can harden into a sense of self and lead to violence, death, and destruction. 4) The question of medically assisted suicide and the Dharma. 5) Coming to a wise understanding of death and dying and how it can help us to live a more meaningful life. 6) Conventional reality and the concept of the narrative self…the work of Dr. Jeffrey Martin. 7) The enduring power of delusions from a psychological perspective. 8) Finding the balance between self and non-self in the conventional world.
August 29, 2020
62 minutes

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