Eightfold Noble Path–Right Thought

Topics Include: 1) The understanding of right thought as right intention, aspiration or resolve. 2) The linkage or continuity between right understanding, to right intention, to the transformation of how we live our lives through speech, action and livelihood. 3) The three forms of right intention: right renunciation, the intention of good will, and the intention of harmlessness. 4) Understanding right intention as illustrating the law of karma: the thought precedes the intention, the intention precedes the action, the action brings results in the world. 5) The difficulty of renunciation in the face of our ingrained habits and addiction to pleasure. 6) How to release ourselves from desire through the power of understanding. 7) Seeing the connection of desire with suffering, and the freedom from desire as happiness and peace.
September 12, 2020
41 min.

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