Eightfold Noble Path–Desire, The Near Enemy

Topics Include: 1) Understanding that metta has nothing to do with others in our life, but in how we respond to our relationships. 2) The similarity between bringing metta into our relationships and understanding that suffering is not about blaming others but being accountable for the feelings we hold within ourselves. 3) Both lovingkindness and forgiveness have nothing to do with external circumstances but with the feelings we hold in ourselves. 4) Understanding metta not so much as a beautiful idea but as a practice that we bring into our lives. 5) The near enemy of metta, desire. Why it is so hard to perceive. Why so much of our relationships are built on desire and need rather than unconditional love. 6) Learning how to distinguish between love and desire in our relationships and daily lives. 7) Learning how to accept the reality of desire in our relationships while at the same time balancing our desire with unconditional love. 8) Seeing metta not so much as an absolute state, but as an aspiration that we bring into our lives in a conscious way.
November 7, 2020
50 min.

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