Eightfold Noble Path–The Wisdom of NonSelf

Topics Include: 1) The three forms of ignorance that prevent wisdom: seeing permanence in impermanence, seeking satisfaction in the unsatisfactory, and seeing a self in the selfless. 2) Seeing non-self through an examination of the five aggregates. 3) Seeing non-self through examining our six sense doors, their objects, the cognitive process, and the defilements that can arise as a result. 4) Seeing self in terms our relational structure, or as a conditioned response to prior causes, or karma. 5) The three universal marks of all experience: impermanence, suffering and non-self. 6) Understanding impermanence: the illusion of continuity. 7) Seeing impermanence, we see unsatisfactoriness or suffering. And, seeing impermanence, we cannot perceive any form of self. 8) Through understanding of our conditioned existence, breaking through to the unconditioned state of Nibbana.
October 2, 2021
50 min.

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