Eightfold Noble Path–The Unconditioned

Topics Include: 1) What is the Absolute Reality of which we are a part? 2) The traditional explanation of the Dharma as being the process of Nature itself. 3) The definition of the Unconditioned as a description of the quality of our mind rather than a description of our place in a larger external reality. 4) The fundamental role of conditioning in our development…what ties us to our conditioning, desire and attachment…and the role of self, or identification with our conditioning, which ties us to suffering. 5) The characteristic of the conditioned mind….the mind attached to our experience through desire and sense of identification with self. 6) The unconditioned mind sees our five aggregates as transient, imperfect, and ownerless. It sees the conditions that define our lives, how we are the product of karma, and selfless nature of phenomena. Knowing this, the mind becomes free. 7) The power of wisdom in freeing us from suffering.
November 13, 2021
52 min.

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