Eightfold Noble Path–Sexual Misconduct

Topics Include: 1) The difficulty of talking about sexual misconduct: because it touches on our most fundamental human reproductive instinct and influences our behavior as human beings. 2) Looking at our sexual behavior with a sense of honesty and inquiry. 3) The definition of sexual misconduct: the writings of Bhikkhu Bodhi. 4) The basic purpose of moral behavior: to prevent personal suffering, to cause no harm, and preserve the institution of marriage and family. 5) Learning about sexual desire as pure energy in the body through the process of meditation. 6) Sexual restraint as a way to protect the family and the community. 7) How we face our relationship to sexuality in our lives. Understanding our sexuality as a fundamental part of who we are as human beings and not letting it control us.
April 24, 2021
48 min.

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