Eightfold Noble Path–Not Stealing

Topics Include: 1) Reflection on the meaning of “Resurrection” on Easter weekend and its correspondence to the idea of awakening in the Dharmic tradition. 2) Sharing of an email concerning our recent discussion of racism against Asian Americans. Expressing our common humanity as human beings. 3) Return to the discussion of right action or non-killing. 4) Learning to have compassion for all sentient beings. 5) Seeing the nature of intentions prior to our actions and their karmic weight, as well as the moral quality of the person committing the act and the recipient of the act. 6) Understanding our actions as symptoms of deeper conditioned habit patterns of thinking that drive our actions. 7) Giving life as opposed to taking life: learning how to be totally present for other sentient beings. How we exist in a mutually interactive karmic network with other beings and its effect on us and society. 8) Finding the wisdom, compassion and love to face the suffering in our own society. Learning how not to kill.
April 17, 2021
67 min.

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