25 Beautiful Mindstates–Right-Speech

Topics Include: 1) Brief review of the 25 Beautiful Mindstates. 2) Speech, action, and livelihood: the three abstinences based on the principles of ahimsa and karma. 3) The three forms of wrong speech: false speech or tale bearing, harsh and malicious speech, and vain speech or idle chatter. 4) The reason people tell lies. Small and big lies and their karmic consequences. 5) Understanding how to bring mindfulness into our everyday lives through right speech. 6) Malicious speech: speech that causes disharmony or hatred. 7) The problem of bullying and abusive speech in society. The reasons for abusive speech: stress, low self-esteem, low access to education, and peer pressure. 8) Understanding harsh speech. Learning how to live with conflict in our lives. The five conditions for right speech: the right time, is it factual, is it gentle or harsh, is it helpful, and is it kind. 9) Learning how to catch ourselves with mindfulness before uttering harsh words.
17 September, 2022
52 min.

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