25 Beautiful Mindstates–RightAction Part 2

Topics Include: 1) The definition of right action: The Five Precepts. 2) Description of the three major precepts, not killing, not stealing and sexual misconduct. 3) The importance of acceptance and contentment in one’s life. 4) The definition of right action as positive, wholesome, morally ethical action. 5) Right action as a natural manifestation of wisdom or the knowledge of meditation and the Dharma. 6) Right action as an expression of sila, morality and living harmoniously with all other beings. 7) Right action as a manifestation of mindfulness: the five mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. 8) Right action as a manifestation of compassion: the words of the Dalai Lama. 9) The radical nature of the Buddha’s teaching in erasing the barrier between self and other. 10) Defining right action within the context of our understanding of spirituality. 11) How we understand “spirituality” in contrast to what the Buddha teaches about spirituality as a moral and ethical teaching about who we are and how we behave in the world.
15 October, 2022
43 min.

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