25 Beautiful Mindstates–Pliancy and Efficiency

Topics Include: 1) What is a healthy mind? A mind that is pliant, efficient, and proficient that results from meditation. 2) Pliancy: a form of cognitive flexibility, an elasticity of mental factors and consciousness. 3) Appreciating the usefulness of habits but not getting stuck in them. The importance of flexibility and adaptability to the survival of the human species. 4) Pliancy as the quality of fluidity of mind. 5) Learning how to be flexible and adaptive in unfamiliar circumstances like traveling or the recent pandemic. 6) Understanding flexible thinking as the key to creativity…the role of intuition or cognitive flexibility. 7) Rigidity as a foundation for mental disorders and suffering. 8) How does meditation encounter resistance and rigidity? The power of noting. 9) Efficiency of the mind : where the mind and body work effectively without struggle or effort…the effective operation of any system to produce an outcome with minimal effort and minimal waste. 10) The effect of meditation on young students and in improving intelligence…. understanding fluid intelligence. 11) Maximizing fluid intelligence as we age through meditation.
August 27th, 2022
36 min.

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