25 Beautiful Mindstates–Equanimity Part 5

Topics Include: 1) Equanimity as the peace that comes from wisdom and understanding. 2) Understanding the relationship between absolute and conventional reality in our lives. 3 ) Understanding the process of karma, how it conditions how we respond to our experience, how we think, and our tendency to identify with our thoughts as our self….the illusion of self. 4) If there is no self, then who are we?….the capacity for pure conscious awareness. 5) Seeing experience clearly and seeing how the mind proliferates around our experience…how we suffer. 6) Equanimity as a feeling…neither pleasant nor unpleasant. How mindfulness helps us from being caught up in the cycle of desire and aversion. 7) How not to get attached to equanimity. 8) Equanimity as the culmination of the four jhanic stages. 9) The knowledge of the Buddha: the knowledge of the recollection of past lives, the knowledge of the arising and passing of all things, the end of greed, hatred, and delusion. 10 The mutual interaction between mindfulness and equanimity leading to final awakening.
February 11, 2023
48 min.

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