Stage 1–Nama Rupa: Mind and Body

Topics Include: 1) The importance of understanding the Dharma wisdom embedded in the Sixteen Stages of Awakening and the importance of addressing each stage one step at a time. 2) Sources include the work of Mahasi Sayadaw and Sayadaw U Jotika. 3) Sayadaw Mahasi’s explanation of Mind and Body or Nama Rupa, the first of the Sixteeen Stages. 4) Sayadaw U Jotika’s explanation of Nama Rupa. 5) Learning to distinguish between pure awareness and discursive processing of our experience in meditation. 6) Understanding how our thinking process defines our self or our ego. 7) Understanding nama rupa in terms of being in a state of flow. 8) Understanding how the self arises during times of threat, fear, anxiety or anger. 9) Understanding the relationship between conventional and absolute reality, the place of self in conventional reality and non-self in absolute reality, and how we embody both simultaneously in our lives.
December 18, 2021
48 min.

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