Sixteen Stages 5–PassingAway

Topics Include: 1) Stage Five: Knowledge of Passing Away: the beginning of the stages of the “dark night of the soul.” 2) Understanding impermanence at its deepest level. 3) Moving through the fourth stage, the understanding of rise and fall, and getting past the corruptions of insight. 4) The transition from content to process in meditation. 5) Knowledge of dissolution or passing away. 6) The breaking up of continuity of consciousness: the analogy of time lapse photography…how we create our reality through the illusion of continuity and what we project into our experience…experience as a holographic projection. 7) Seeing reality as the simultaneous arising of the object and the awareness of the object. 8) The arising of fear and terror. The start of the “dark night of the soul.” 9) How the mind works: the analogy of a sewing machine. The possibility for a deeper understanding of who we are and our potential for freedom.
March 19, 2022
51 min

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