Illusion and Reality of the Body

Topics Include: 1) The movie “Matrix” and its similarity to the state of unconsciousness described by the Buddha. 2) Mindfulness as the seventh of the eight Path factors. 3) Mindfulness of the parts of the body or unattractiveness of the body. How we don’t see things as they really are. 4) How our collective delusion will eventually destroy our species and our planet if we don’t change our understanding of what we are and our relation to the environment. 5) Mindfulness of the elements of the body. Seeing our body as a system of physical and mental processes. 6) Cemetery meditations. Seeing impermanence in the body. 7) How our conventional view of ourselves and the world causes suffering and destruction of our environment. The relevance of the Buddha’s teaching to today’s social and environmental crisis.
August 21, 2021
59 min.

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