Eightfold Noble Path–Defining Wisdom

Topics Include: 1) Why, as meditators, we should not be intimidated by the difficulty of achieving rarified states of concentration. 2) The power of a regular meditation practice in helping us navigate through our lives. 3) The redefinition of wisdom from a conceptual understanding to an experiential awareness of life. 4) The fundamental difference between concentration and insight: the inability of concentration to remove latent defilements in the mind. 5) The active role of ignorance in hiding us from the truth of our lives: not seeing impermanence, suffering and non self. 6) The irreducible power of wisdom based on insight. 7) The most profound delusion: the notion of self and the consequences in the world. 8) How to approach an understanding of non-self in the Dharma.
October 9, 2021
45 min.

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