25 Beautiful Mindstates–Rectitude of Mind

Topics Include: 1) The characteristics of the five states of Composure, Buoyancy, Pliancy, Efficiency and Proficiency of mind. 2) The difference between Rectitude of Mind and Pliancy, Efficiency, and Proficiency. 3) Rectitude of Mind: bringing our life into consonance with a vision that embodies our values in life. A sense of straightness and moral correctness. 4) By what standard is moral correctness defined? Within the social, cultural or religious context that one finds one’s self. 5) What is the Buddhist standard for moral correctness? The concept of ahimsa and the law of karma. 6) The moral and ethical dimension of the Dharma that is revealed in a state of pure awareness: the state of pure mindfulness. 7) Seeing our true reality and our common humanity with all other beings…coming to a new understanding of self and other and a new system of morality and ethics based on ahimsa and the law of karma. 8) Learning how to be selfless in our lives: moving toward selfless action as a lifetime practice. 9) The difference between the definition of rectitude within the Buddhist context as compared to rectitude as defined within most other social, political, cultural, or religious systems.
September 10, 2022
44 min.

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