The Miracle of Incarnation

Topics Include: 1) In the face of a difficult year in 2021, taking a moment to stop and consider the intrinsic similarities between the major faith traditions as a means of finding a unified sense of spiritual purpose. 2) The question of miracles in the Judeo Christianic tradition. The miracle of incarnation. 3) The descent of the power of God into man through the issue of his son Jesus, and the essence of the power of Jesus being the power of love. 4) The parallel to that duality in the relationship between absolute and conventional realtiy in Buddhist thought. 5) The ultimate goal in Buddhism and Christianity: overcoming the power of the self or ego and coming to that place of balance where we live in the world, but with a spiritual awareness of our interconnectedness with all other beings. 6) The Buddhist practce of the Brahmaviharas: Lovingkindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity. 7) The importance of understanding the concept of non-self because if there is no self, then there is no other.
Dec. 25, 2021
40 min.

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