Sixteen Stages 4c Rising and Falling

Topics Include: 1) The work Sayadaw U Jotika: Summary of third stage of insight: impermanence, suffering and non-self. 2) The understanding of no “Thing”, only process: the corresponding idea of nouns and verbs in our linguistic consciousness that ignore the basic laws of process in nature. 3) Understanding the pervasive nature of impermanence….how all things are impermanent. 4) Seeing the difference between numbers and shapes as opposed to physical sensations in the meditation process. How this relates to the question of agency in terms of how we respond to our experience. 5) The difference between change and real impermanence. 6) Feeling equanimity and balance in the meditative process. 7) Why phenomena disappear when seen with true mindfulness. 8) Coming into pure awareness, rapture and bliss and wisdom. 9) Falling into the trap of identifying with our experience. 10) The difference between concentration practice and mindfulness practice. 11) The danger of becoming attached to our experience. 12) The characteristics of clear deep mindfulness: clarity of mind and object and the danger of attachment. 13) Seeing the various stages of phenomena: first, arising; second, arising and passing away; and third, passing away. 14) How the object and the consciousness of that object both arise and pass away: the impermanence of mindfulness itself.
March 12, 2022
53 Min.

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