Sixteen Stages 4b Rising and Falling

Topics Include: 1) The fourth meditative insight: Insight into Rising and Falling. Where the dynamics of the meditation process and the deepening of insight merge together. 2) Signs of developing jhana: the appearance of light, the sharpening of mindfulness, the five levels of rapture. 3) The emergence of tranquillity of mind and a sense of mental agility. 4) The twenty five beautiful mind states: the qualities of mental composure, buoyancy, pliancy, efficiency, proficiency, and rectitude of mind. 5) The resulting feeling of happiness suffusing the entire body and the arising of right energy and equanimity. 6) The corruptions of insight: the rising of attachment to our mental states, a sense of personal identification with our achievements. 7) Applying mindfulness to an understanding of the suffering in today’s world.
March 5, 2022
42 min.

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