Sixteen Stages–Cause and Effect

Topics Include: 1) The importance of the Sixteen Stages in the Theravadan monastic tradition. 2) Review of the first insight awakening: knowledge of mind and body. 3) Understanding the difference between awareness and thinking: how awareness is non-self and thinking imposes a sense of self on our experience. 4) The second insight awareness: understanding conditionality: the law of cause and effect or karma. 5) Understanding intention or volition and the ensuing action as cause and effect or the basis for karma. 6) Understanding that by imposing our thoughts on to the cause and effect process, we bring a sense of self into our experience. 7) The attainment of joy and bliss at the realization of nama rupa and the law of karma. 8) How understanding the power of conditioning can help free ourselves from unhappiness and suffering. 9) Understanding the burden of the self that we carry from lifetime to lifetime.
January 8, 2022
54 min.

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