Sixteen Stages 12c Awakening

Topics Include: 1) Entering the Stage of Path and Fruition from the Stage of Equanimity the writing of Sayadaw U Jotika. 2) The arising of total cessation, moving through the stages of Path and Fruition and coming to the stage of Retrospection or realization of what just happened. 3) Understanding the nature of cessation. 4) Seeing the attainment of Nibbana as the first of four stages of spiritual evolution: Stream Enterer, Once Returner, Non-Returner, and Arahant. 5) Seeing the movement through the four stages as a process of eliminating the ten fetters: doubt, avariciousness, belief in rites and rituals, envy and jealousy, false view, sensual desire, ill will and anger, pride and conceit, ignorance, and desire for existence. 6) Having a sense of compassion for ourselves in our spiritual journey through understanding the difficulty of spiritual transformation through behavioral transformation in our lives.
May 7, 2022
51 min

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