Third Noble Truth–Sixteen Stages of Awakening

Topics Include: 1) Understanding the relationship between the practice of concentration and the practice of mindfulness. 2) The four stages of meditative absorption. 3) How the four stages of absorption are aligned with the sixteen stages of awakening. 4) Stage 1: knowledge of mind and body. 5) Stage 2: knowledge of cause and effect. 6) Stage 3: the three characteristics of experience. 7) Stage 4: knowledge of rise and fall. 8) Stage 5: knowledge of passing away. 9) Stage 6: knowledge of fear. 10) Stage 7-9: knowledge of disgust or misery, knowledge of weariness; knowledge of desire for deliverance. 11) Stage 10-11: knowledge of reconciliation; knowledge of equanimity. 12) Stage 12-13: knowledge of adaptation; knowledge of maturity. 13) Stage 14-15: knowledge of path; knowledge of fruition: the process of cessation. 14) Stage 16: knowledge of retrospection. 15) Coming to a deeper understanding of the awakening process: seeing unconditioned emptiness as the purity of experience itself.
Honolulu, Hawaii
October 26, 2019
50 min

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