The Concept of Perfection in Our Lives

Topics Include: 1) The idea of perfection in one’s life and its powerful transformative effect. 2) Acknowledging the reality of our experience, particularly negative experiences, and opening to acceptance. 3) Two fundamental ideas: First, we don’t control the external conditions of our lives. Second, what we do control is how we respond to our circumstances. But, that is based on our conditioning, or our Karma. 4) Our life experience is determined by the interaction between the external circumstances of our lives meeting our internal conditioned responses. 5) Seeing that how we responded to our experience makes complete sense, given our conditioning….or it was perfect 6) Seeing perfection in the meditative process as moments of epiphany or clear seeing. 7) How clear seeing leads to acceptance and, ultimately, compassion, forgiveness, and love. 8) How clear seeing builds the ground of immense power because it allows you to know yourself clearly and where you are going in your life. 9) What happens when you realize that your life is unskillful or unwholesome: the power of making wise choices. 10) Who am I: the perennial question of the spiritual quest. The power of the Dharma. 11) Seeing how our life journey plays out from lifetime to lifetime and how we are embodiments of individual karmic streams. 12) Questions and Answers.
November 28th, 2020
48 min.

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