Seven Factors of Awakening–Working With Thoughts

Topics Include: 1) Working with thoughts in terms of concentration practice and mindfulness practice 2) Mindfulness is not about not thinking but being aware that we are thinking, what we are thinking, and what the consequences of our thoughts are. 3) Incorporating investigation into the mindfulness. The development of understanding and wisdom by knowing whether a thought is wholesome or unwholesome, skillful of unskillful. 4) The tendency of thoughts to disappear as we begin to note them. How we build stories around our thoughts because of our investment in the meaning of the thought. 5) Understanding the character of our thoughts and their meaning for who we are. Using the factor of investigation into the mindfulness. 6) Comparing the refinement of the mind to the refinement of gold. Understanding obvious and more subtle impurities of mind. 7) Developing tranquillity and stability of mind in the face of the tumult of the world around us. 8) The story of the first dart and the second dart: the cause of suffering.
Honolulu, Hawaii
April 27, 2019
39 minutes

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