Seven Factors of Awakening–The Power of Karma

Topics Include: 1) The seven factors of awakening. 2) Connecting the teaching of mind and body to the stages of awakening. 3) The underlying theme of the teaching: non self or anatta. 4) The basic teaching of mind and body: understanding it in the context of non self; the power of identification; and examples of modern research. 5) How we create a self out of our experience. 6) Relating the concept of mind and body to the sixteen stages of awakening. The illusion of form, language and thought. 7) Linking mind and body to cause and effect, or karma. 8) The third insight knowledge: the three characteristics of existence, impermanence, non self and suffering. 9) The fourth insight knowledge: rise and fall; seeing impermanence in all things. 10) Seeing the karmic unfolding of our thoughts and our ability to make wise choices in our lives.
Honolulu, Hawaii
September 8, 2018
54 minutes

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