Seven Factors of Awakening–The Joy of Living a Moral Ethical Life

Topics Include: 1) The most important result of mindfulness and investigation is knowing the difference between wholesome and unwholesome actions. 2) Understand the role of energy in cultivating wise wholesome actions and abandoning unwholesome actions. 3) Using the five precepts as a basis for committing to a more wholesome and skillful life. 4) Understanding joy and rapture as arising from the energy we commit to living a more wholesome life. 5) Deriving joy and happiness in knowing we have made a commitment to living a moral and ethical life. 6) Understanding how everything we experience in life can be part of our practice, an opportunity for learning. 7) Understanding boredom as a form of greed. 8) Understanding the joy and happiness that comes from living a life of moral and ethical purity.
Honolulu, Hawaii
December 29, 2018
42 minutes

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