Seven Factors of Awakening–Teachings on Concentration

Topics Include: 1) Discussion of concentration as the foundation for the meditation process. 2) Review of the two types of meditation: single object meditation and multiple object meditation. 3) The four ways of understanding concentration: First, a sense of pleasant abiding. Experiencing the joy of moment to moment experience, while avoiding craving and attachment. 4) The second teaching: the supernormal powers and the dangers of unskillful use. 5) The third teaching: using concentration to perceive impermanence. How we fall prey to the illusion of self in our thoughts. 6) The fourth teaching: seeing impermanence in all the five aggregates: matter and form, sensations, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness. 7) Comparing single object meditation and multiple object meditation as a vehicle for awakening.
Honolulu, Hawaii
March 9, 2019
50 minutes

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