Seven Factors of Awakening–Equanimity–16 Stages

Topics Include: 1) The basic structure of the Buddhist cosmology, the process of awakening and the importance of equanimity. 2) The four stages of awakening: stream enterer, once returner, non returner, and arahant. 3) Understanding the Sixteen Stages of Awakening as the curriculum that ties the four stages together. 4) First four stages of emergence, opening and insight: the awakening to how things really are. 5) The next five stages: the stages of disenchantment and disillusion: fear, misery and desire for deliverance; the dark night of the soul. 6) Stage ten: knowledge of reconciliation: seeing all the previous stages as mind states. 7) Stage eleven: how equanimity results from our understanding of the true nature of our attachments and aversions. 8) How equanimity becomes the platform for awakening or cessation. 9) How the process repeats for the ensuing stages of awakening. 10) The importance of equanimity in the process of awakening and in our daily lives. 11) Seeing the unfolding human comedy with a deep sense of compassion, lovingkindness and equanimity.
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 22, 2019
50 minutes

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