Seven Factors of Awakening–Introduction

Topics Include: 1) Introduction to the seven factors of awakening. 2) The basic meanings of the Pali word, sati, or mindfulness. 3) Mindfulness as a full sustained presence to experience, fundamental mental strength. 4) Mindfulness as a guard of the sense doors. 5) Mindfulness as calling to find what is skillful and what is unskillful. 6) Mindfulness as the ability to see things as they truly are. 7) Mindfulness as a balancing element in the five enabling factors. 8) Mindfulness as the path spiritual awakening and as the basis for mental health. 9) Understanding mindfulness as a way to face our lives with openness, wisdom and acceptance, and how to live a good life.
Honolulu, Hawaii
May 26, 2018
40 minutes

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