Noble Eightfold Path–The Power of Delusion

Topics Include: 1) Transmigration: the trail of tears. The legacy of the sense of self and the five aggregates of clinging. 2) The tension of cognitive dissonance and the willing suspension of disbelief. 3) The Buddha’s teaching on impermanence and conditionality. 4) The perspective of conventional and absolute reality. How does this relate to your bodies and our minds? 5) The relationship between thoughts and emotions: what is a thought? 6) Understanding emotions as “pre-verbal” or “non-symboli” responses to our experience. 7) The irony in the illusion of self: the arousal of craving and desire and their transmigration from lifetime to lifetime. The cycle of delusion that comprises the round of samsara. 8) The implications of mindfulness in seeing reality as it really is: the reality of death and dying: what is it that dies? 9) The life that we miss because of our ignorance and not knowing. 10) The cycle of delusion that defines the round of samsara in our lives. 11) Opening to the truth of our experience with a sense of acceptance, openness, compassion and love: the power of meditation. 12) Ultimately, finding the balance between conventional and absolute reality in our lives.
August 15, 2020
59 min.

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