Karma Samasara and Anatta–Distinguishing Between Conventional and Absolute Reality

Topics Include: 1) Two generating questions: If there is no self, then who is reborn in the next life; and, Is there a Soul, or a God, that directs this process. 2) What is the underlying continuity from life to life, how that creates Karma, how Karma creates the illusion of self, and how we free ourselves from that illusion and find the Unconditioned. 3) Understanding the relationship between conventional and absolute reality. 4) Bhavanga: the concept of the life stream and its role in the rebirth process. 5) Dependent Origination and the process of Becoming. 6) Ways in which we fall prey to the illusion of self: the illusion of form, words, language, thoughts, and conditioning. 7) Finding our ground in what is unconditional and absolute.
Honolulu, Hawaii
November 25, 2017
53 minutes

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