Fourth Noble Truth-Right Thought

Topics Include: 1) Review of the eight path factors; 2) Review of right understanding; 3) What is right thought; 4) The problem of views and opinions; 5) The basis of right thought in right understanding: seeing ourselves as an environmentally responsive bio-physical system; 6) Understanding the consequences of our thoughts both within ourselves as well as in the world; 7) Understanding the power of conditioning and habit; 8) Forms of right thought: thoughts of renunciation, thoughts of lovingkindness, thoughts of compassion; 9) The concept of renunciation: recognizing skillful and unskillful thoughts and their consequences in the world; 10) The power of habit and conditioning: the difference between ill will and cruelty and greed: 11) Brief preview of next weeks discussion.
Honolulu, Hawaii
August 9, 2014
42 minutes

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