Five Aggregates–Volition as Karma

The Five Aggregates: Volition as Karma
Topics Include: 1) Understanding all our actions as a result of mental factors. 2) The basic components of every moment of consciousness. 3) The primacy of volition as a means of choosing what to be conscious of in our environment. 4) Understanding karma as a result of conditioned voices, or volition as the seed of karma. 5) Motivation as primary driver of intention. 6) Understanding the roots of suffering or freedom. 7) Seeing intention in our everyday actions. 8) Understanding our entire lives as a flow of intentions and actions with no self involved. 9) Seeing “perfection” in the flow of karmic events in our lives. 10) Coming to true self acceptance and love though knowing our karma fully.
Honolulu, Hawaii
October 21, 2017
39 minutes

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