Perception and Identity

Topics Include: 1) How the concept of non-self is taught through the teachings of the five aggregates of clinging. 2) Why we don[t see reality as it actually is: the role of perception. 3) How we see the world as an abstract, symbolic, conceptual reality. 4) How conceptual reality gets framed in language, which is the substance of our thoughts. 5) How thoughts become the lens through which we see the world as an abstract, conceptual system, not the way the world really is. 6) Finding that line of demarcation between what is illusion and what is real, what is conditioned and what is absolute. 7) Bringing that balance of conventional and absolute into our roles and identities in the world. 8) Bringing a common sense, scientific attitude to who we are in the world.
Honolulu, Hawaii
September 9, 2017
47 minutes

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