Perception–The Gateway to Nibbana

Topics Include: 1) The crucial role of perception in understanding the difference between absolute and conventional reality. 2) The reality of concepts and symbols as as the window through which we see the world. 3) How the self of ego is an artifact, a concept. 4) Words and language as abstract conceptual systems to describe reality. 5) The basis of our thoughts in language as an abstract, symbolic system through which we perceive the world. 6) Two degrees of separation from reality; an abstract, symbolic system of thought, conditioned by the life experience of each individual. 7) The importance of perception in distinguishing illusion from reality and the role of meditation. 8) The power of meditation in dispelling illusion and seeing reality for what it really is. 9) Example of how perception determines how we see the world.
Honolulu, Hawaii
August 26, 2017
53 minutes

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