Knowing Volition

Topics Include: 1) The concept of “non-self” and its implications for our understanding of morality and ethics. 2) How conditions, intentions, and actions unfold to create our lives. 3) Seeing “perfection” in our lives in a way that leads to self acceptance, compassion, and lovingkindness. 4) Learning how to see the intentions that precede our actions. 5) Seeing the sequence of mental and physical actions, or nama rupa, and the opportunity for wise choice in our actions. 6) How the flow of mind and body moments unfold as the process of cause and effect or karma. 7) Nama rupa, and karma as formal stages of insight in the classical Theravadin tradition. 8) How the knowledge of nama rupa and karma can lead to freedom from suffering, self acceptance, and compassion. 9) Seeing the parallel dimensions of our conventional lives and the absolute reality that moves within us.
Honolulu, Hawaii
November 4, 2017
55 minutes

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