First Noble Truth–Dukkha and Compassion

Topics Include: 1) The different levels of ways of understanding dukkha. 2) Dukkha as the burdensomeness of existence: the law of entropy. 3) Dukkha and Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection. 4) Examples of how natural selection creates the conditions for our human development: for males, female and in the external environment. 5) The case for awakening: becoming conscious of our conditioning and our suffering as a gateway to awakening. 6) Understanding compassion as the great gift of our awakening to suffering in our lives. 7) Realizing our true gifts as human beings while not falling prey to greed, hatred, and delusion. 8) Seeing our spiritual path as being in our conditioned existence and not apart from it. 9) Seeing true beauty, strength, power, wisdom and compassion in our karmic truth.
Honolulu, Hawaii
July 20, 2019
58 min.

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