Eightfold Noble Path–Right Understanding

Topics Include: 1) Returning to the Dharma teachings after the Coronavirus pandemic. 2) Introduction to the Eightfold Noble Path: the Fourth Noble Truth. 3) The three trainings: Morality and Ethics, Meditation, and Wisdom. 4) Right understanding or right view: sammaditti. 5) Worldly or mundane right view and supra mundane right view. 6) The characteristics of mundane right view: the Buddha’s statement of right view in the world. 7) The Law of Karma: the foundation of mundane right view. 8) How particular thoughts arise in our mind: the power of conditioning. 9) How to bring the power of wholesome karma into our lives: the power of generosity. 10) Seeing the implications of making wise choices in our life.
July 7, 2020
37 min

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