Eightfold Noble Path–Practicing Metta

Topics Include: 1) Metta as one of the three aspirations of right thought: renunciation, lovingkindness and compassion….the three hallmarks of a spiritually evolved person. 2) The near enemy of metta: desire. How desire is embedded in the nature of our relationships and our ability to bring metta into our relationships. 3) Developing a metta practice: beginning to observe our feelings as moments of metta or compassion arise. 4) How to consciously cultivate a metta practice. extending metta to people in public places. 5) Emphasizing the aspect of kindness in our lives if not a sense of love. 6) How kindness and altruism is a natural instinct in toddlers and within ourselves. 7) Seeing the good in others and ourselves. Learning to relate to the good in other people or ourselves. 8) Changing our habitual mental habits in terms of how we respond to people around us from aversion and defensiveness to openness and acceptance. The neurological basis of habit formation. 9) What happens as a result of making a conscious decision to practice kindness in your life.
November 14, 2020
36 min.

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